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The perfume oil (also referred to as fragrance oil) is a highly concentrated alternative to the Eau de perfume spray – without any alcohol. The alcohol in spray-perfumes causes them to leave large trails which makes them seem stronger than they truly are. It also has a dehydrating effect that makes it harder for the scent to stay on the skin. 

Perfume oil, on the other hand, has a moisturizing effect that keeps the scent closer to the skin for a longer period of time. Instead of leaving a large trail, the scent is released by the body heat in a more subtle way. 

The use of perfume oil also gives you a greater precision since it won’t vanish in the air as spray-perfume does. This means that a small quantity of perfume oil still can result in a strong scent, giving you more control of how strong of a scent you want.

How to use

1. Remove the cap from the bottle by screwing it off the top.
2. Apply the rollerball on the pulse points at the inside of your wrists and start making small circles.
3. Now take each wrist and stroke them alongside your jawlines and at the back of your earlobes.
4. Let your body absorb the perfume oil and enjoy the fragrance.

Product care

Try to avoid having your bottle exposed directly in the sun as it may affect the oil in the long term. Instead, keep your UNIFORM inside of your pockets, your bag, or in regular room temperature. Your UNIFORM can be used one year after your first use.


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All of our perfume oils are vegan, and no ingredients used in our products, or during their design process, come from or have been tested on animals.



When applying our perfumes from the compact roll-on stick, you can reach and perfume all parts of your body. UNIFORM allows you to scent yourself with precision, for a more intimate fragrant expression for you and those closest to you.



Perfume oils have moisturizing qualities, as they blend well with the naturally produced oils of your skin. Perfume oil also leaves the skin drier afterwards, making an oil-based perfume a great option if you have sensitive skin.



With an oil-based perfume you give off a more subtle impression, making UNIFORM’s perfume oils perfect for any occasion. The scent stays close to your skin rather than evaporating quickly, lasting throughout the day.



Oils are extracted from plants, flowers, fruits, balsams, resins, and then blended with other aromatic compounds. Through this process, perfume oils are created. The aromatic compounds are synthetic, and help bind the liquid to a concentrated perfume oil.



Our perfume oils are long-lasting, because of the small amount of perfume oil used each time you scent yourself. Because of this, you can trust UNIFORM to be a friend to your wallet!