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Do you have a shipping-fee?

No. We have for decided that for a limited amount of time offer all of our customers free priority shipping on all orders

You can read more about shipping here.

How many days does it take for my products to arrive?

This is totally depending on where you live. In general, the closer you live to Sweden, the faster your products will arrive. 

Sweden: 1-2 business days.

EU: 2-6 business days.

Rest of the world: 4-8 business days.

Read more about shipping here.

Am I able to return purchased items?

Yes. UNIFORM accepts returns and/or exchanges within 14 days from the date you received your order. Any unwanted items must be shipped/postmarked within 14 days of your receipt. You must return the items in an unused condition and UNIFORM will only accept returns if labels and original packaging are fully intact. Read more about our return policies here.

Can I exchange an item?

Yes. You are able to exchange your item(s) into a different item of the same value upon receipt of returned items are presented. However, this is based on the stock availability of the specific item. Exchanges are shipped back to the customer free of charge. Should you be interested in a different item, please return your item(s) to UNIFORM and simply purchase the desired item(s) at Read more about our exchange policies here.

Do you offer any samples?

Yes. We do offer a TESTPACK where you get the chance to try our scents in the comfort of your home. You can order it here.

You can also try UNIFORM at one of our retailers. Here is a list of them.

How long does your perfume oils stay on the skin?

Our perfume oils are made to stay on your skin and be something that you notice throughout the day. However, factors such as the climate you live in, how much oil you apply or how well your skin absorbs the oil will determine how long it stays on your skin.

The great thing about UNIFORM is that you may reapply during the day and control how much you want to smell .

How long does a bottle of 10ml last?

This is totally dependent on how often you use our perfume oils and how much you apply each and every time. The roller gives you the ability to regulate how much oil you want to use as opposed to a spray that gives you less control. And since our oils are made to stick on your skin, there is no real need to use too much. So basically, it is up to you.

Do you produce in Sweden?

Our fragrances are made and produced in France while all the packaging is done locally in Sweden. 

Where are you based?

We are based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Can one perfume smell differently from one batch to another?

Our formulas for each and every fragrance stay the same. But at the same time, the olfactory perception of a sent from one batch to another may vary due to different factors. The age of the batch, for example, is one of those factors. This goes for all perfume, whether they are super-niche or mass-produced. However, other external factors such as your body temperature and the changing seasons will have a larger effect on your olfactory perception. 

Do you use natural ingredients:

We always console the choice of ingredients with our manufacturers and our products are thoroughly tested before we launch them. Our products are a mix of both natural and synthetic ingredients. Sometimes, it actually turns out that synthetic ingredients can be better from an environmental point of view in cases where there is a shortage of natural alternatives. 

What’s your environmental policy?

We are a small company that strives to be as climate-conscious as possible. Except for our bottles and the fragrances, everything else is made and manufactured here in Sweden. We try to work as locally as possible and we are trying to avoid traveling by air as much as possible. 

Are your products cleared by the customs? 

Since we started, all of our orders have been cleared by customs. However, depending on which country you live in, the different ingredients that are contained in our perfume oils may be restricted by customs. Therefore, we recommend all our customers to make sure that this is not the case before placing an order. We will not take any responsibility for any issues that may occur when placing an order with us.

Will you be launching any more fragrances? 

Yes, we are planning on launching two more fragrances in 2020. We will update you as soon as we got more news to share.

Is there a chance of having an allergic reaction?

There is always a small risk of an allergic reaction when using all cosmetic products. While all our products conform to EU and IFRA standards, we always recommend that you try our products on a small part of your skin for 24 hours before purchasing it. We do not offer refunds due to allergy if the product already has been used. 

Can my perfume have a slight change in color?

Due to the use of natural ingrediens, a slight change in colors is normal. If you notice a small strip of perfume on the top of the applicator, just roll it one time and it will disappear. That is the result of the active natural ingrediens found in the our perfumes. If you want to know how you could protect your UNIFORM the best, read this our info-site here.