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UNIFORM is a perfume-brand based in Stockholm, specializing in perfume oils. It was founded by Haisam Mohammed in 2018 but launched in 2020.

Haisam's multicultural upbringings led to an obsession with a scent that still to this day can be found in the stairwells of the highrises where he grew up.

The scent is created when people inside of their homes are cooking food, burning incenses and blending spices from all over the world – a result of various people and cultures ending up in the same stairwell.

The neighborhoods and the people that he grew up with will forever be part of who he is. And the scents of the stairwells will always stay on him – just like a UNIFORM.

UNIFORM aims to change the perception of what premium perfume-brand consists of – one bottle at the time. And we want you to wear yours with pride.